Did you know that, for 53% of marketers, blog creation is the top inbound marketing priority?

Blogging is very important and it drives traffic.

Sure, around 43% readers imply skim through a blog, according to Hubspot but many stay to leave a comment. That’s what most bloggers love.

For someone to take the time and express their opinion on the subject the blogger has just covered. And, if it happens that they like it, the blogger’s ego just swells up.

But what about those comments that disagree with your point, or are simply negative? How can you deal with those kinds of comments on your blog? Should you start a flame war, delete them immediately, try to reason with them or curl up in a corner?

Here is my strategy for dealing with negative comments and commenters on my blog:

How to Deal with Trolls?


There is a difference between dealing with trolls and someone who just doesn’t share your opinion. Trolls are all about negativity and trying to push your buttons. This is usually some no-lifer or a teenager with nothing better to do. Don’t give in to them by even acknowledging them. That would just be the height of their day.

If you see a “you suck” comment and you respond, the troll has already won. Don’t go into flame war with them. It’s not worth it.

Just delete the comment, ban the user and move on.

This is why you should never automatically post comments on your blog, but instead moderate them. It will prevent you from doing anything hasty like replying in kind and letting others on your blog see your little argument. That is, unless you want to lose all your good reputation.

So, just delete the comment and keep in mind that, this isn’t about you or about your blog. It’s about them and their frustrations. Leave them to it then.

How to Deal When Someone Doesn’t Share Your Opinion?


On the other hand, someone might leave a comment on your blog in which he disagrees with you.

Not all your comments can be “great post, thanks for sharing”. In fact, I like those kinds of comments much more than the later ones. They tell me that the visitor has actually taken the time to read through my post and then even some more to leave a comment. Even if that comment is opposite to my point of view on the topic I am writing about, I still consider it very valuable. Such comments can actually lead to a good exchange of opinions (just as long as both sides are respectful).

So don’t get tempted to delete these kinds of comments from your blog. People are entitled to their opinions, even if you think them wrong. Instead, treat that commenter with respect. Perhaps they have different information than you do or operate on a different base of assumptions.

Acknowledge their opinion and try to learn where they are coming from. This is where you need to leave emotions at the door and focus on raw data and nothing else.

Ask them where they got their data and how did they come up with that conclusion. Then, check those data for yourself and compare them to what you already know and the data you possess. In other words, like a good general, you want to “know thy enemy”.


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Now that you have a better view of the commenter’s opinions, it’s time to confront your data and his data. Do this in a respectful manner. Use a “yeah, but” kind of response, where you acknowledge the point he is making, but give a counter-argument of your own.

Keep in mind that you can’t win every argument. Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

Other times, you have to be willing to admit that you are wrong and the other side is right. At least you can come out of it richer for some new information and with broadened horizons. And, if you are right, but the other person wants to continue, leave them be. They are right in their own little universe. Some people don’t know when they’re beaten.



Remember, it’s the Internet


Finally, remember that this is just how the Internet and the online world work. People are much more willing to enter a confrontation behind a keyboard and monitor than they are face to face. Most of those trolls wouldn’t even dare approach you in real life.

Just as the Internet can be excellent for exchanging opinions, it can also draw out the worst in some people. Be ready to embrace the first and feel free to ignore the latter. A flame war on your blog or on social media is the last thing you should get yourself into.

I hope I haven’t scared you into not leaving a comment about this.  Feel free to leave one below and let’s talk.

Vladimir Covic

Vladimir Covic is a content writer from Belgrade, Serbia whose main goal is to bring quality, actionable and interesting posts to his readers. If he is not around writing or thinking about the next thing he will write, Vladimir is most likely off somewhere running. If you want to know more about him, Vladimir welcomes you to his Twitter, LinkedIn or Google + profile or his blog Vladimir Writes.

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  1. Taiwo

    I definitlely agree — even if I have opposing opinions on my blog, I always leave it up. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and unless it’s incredibly rude or disrespectful, I’d want my readers to read all views!

  2. Karla Cruzado | The Wise Lark

    Thank you for these tips. I shall keep this in mind when dealing with trolls. 🙂

  3. Toni

    I am a new blogger and I always wondered what I will do when I get a negative comment. I am a full time dentist and I have had my share of patients that love me and others that don’t care for me so much. I know that I can’t please everyone and I always want to remain respectful and not come down there level. Thanks for showing me that it us okay to delete and move on. 🙂

  4. Rachel

    I will never understand why trolls feel the need to leave negative comments. Constructive criticism or just a differing opinion is one thing, but just negativity for the sake of attention is baffling to me. I definitely agree that just ignoring it is the best way to go. Don’t fuel the fire.

  5. Ben


    great post. I found your site on FB, and I must say it is fabulous.Keep writing